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Vera-ellen, Ca. 1940s Thomas Edison 1847-1931 And George Stella Stevens, C. 1966 King Creole, Elvis Presley, 1958 The Sound Of Music, Poster Art, Julie Labyrinth, David Bowie, Jennifer Alien, Poster Art, 1979 Harvey, James Stewart, 1950 Halloween, 1978 Elvis Presley, Ca. 1950s


Virginia Hill, Girlfriend Of Gangster Mata Hari, Greta Garbo, Portrait Queen Katherine Of Aragon 1485-1536 Marilyn Monroe Auntie Mame, Rosalind Russell, 1958 Jane Wyman, Warner Brothers, 1940s First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy Laughs Carmen Miranda, Ca. Mid-1940s Carmen Miranda, Ca. Late 1940s Lauren Bacall, Ca. 1945

Science Fiction

Creature From The Black Lagoon 2001 A Space Odyssey, 1968 2001 A Space Odyssey, 1968 Creature From The Black Lagoon, Upper The Monster That Challenged The World It The Terror From Beyond Space, 1958 Attack Of The 50 Foot Woman, Allison Abbott And Costello Go To Mars, Bud Frankenstein, Boris Karloff, Mae Clarke Flash Gordon, Jean Rogers, Buster


Sly And The Family Stone Performing Yesterday, Today And Tomorrow, Aka Lucille Ball, Portrait Sophia Loren, Circa 1950s Naked Alibi, Gloria Grahame, 1954 Go West, Young Man, Mae West, 1936 Judy Garland, Portrait, 1947 Raquel Welch, Portrait From The Film Gold Diggers Of 1933, Ginger Rogers Lets Be Happy, Vera-ellen, 1957


L.a. Dodgers Pitcher Sandy Koufax, 1965 Muhammad Ali Knocked Down By Joe Jack Dempsey Fights Tommy Gibbons Babe Ruth In The New York Yankees Theodore Roosevelt, Seated At Entrance Rita Hayworth, Columbia Pictures, 1940s The Killers, Ava Gardner, 1946 Rear Window, Grace Kelly, 1954 Sonny Liston Working Out On The Heavy Wild West. The Cow Boy. Sturgis, Dakota


Bob Dylan B. 1941 Playing Guitar Vera-ellen, Ca. 1940s James Baldwin, 1963 Julia Child, Ca. Early 1970s Nikola Tesla 1856-1943 Created A Double Waylon Jennings In Concert, C. 1976 The Civil War. Ulysses S. Grant. 1864 Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Ca. 1970s President John Kennedy Smoking A Cigar James Baldwin, 1963


Billy The Kid 1859-81, Killed Twenty Women Strike Pickets From Ladies Prohibition, Pouring Whiskey Prohibition, Miss Rhea Seated Charlie Chaplin, 1925 Jacqueline Kennedy, Joins The President A Texas Cowboy On Horseback On A Knoll Detail From Calavera Tapatia Not Quite Decent, June Collyer, 1929 Virginia Hill, Girlfriend Of Gangster


Billie Holiday Louise Brooks, Photo By Ruth Harriet Frida Kahlo 1907-1954, Mexican Artist Louise Brooks, 1928. Photograph Rita Hayworth, Portrait Ca. 1948 Kim Novak,1956 Lucille Ball Publicity Shot, 1940s Amelia Earhart, Portrait The Pride And The Passion, Sophia Hedy Lamarr, 1942, Photograph


Rocky Marciano Landing A Punch Dorothy Dandridge, Circa 1959 Muhammad Ali Knocked Down By Joe Jack Dempsey Fights Tommy Gibbons Judy Garland, Ca. 1943 Lucille Ball Publicity Shot, 1940s Judy Garland, Ca. 1960s Joe Dimaggio, Marilyn Monroe Mata Hari, Greta Garbo, Portrait She Done Him Wrong, Mae West, 1933


Lucille Ball, Ca. 1940s Lucille Ball U.s. President Richard Nixon, Bowling Lucille Ball Publicity Shot, 1940s Lucille Ball, Portrait TV Guide TVGC001 H5004 Lucille Ball Portrait, 1940s Lucille Ball, C. 1960s Lucille Ball, 1930s Lucille Ball, 1950s


Louise Brooks, 1928. Photograph Louise Brooks, Ca. 1929 Louise Brooks, Ca. 1929 All In A Nights Work, Dean Martin, 1961 Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Licks An Ice Clara Bow, Ca. 1924 Louise Brooks, Late 1920s Doris Day, Ca. Early 1950s Tyrone Power, Ca. 1940 Tiny Tim, Ca. Late 1960s

1930s Fashion

Morocco, Marlene Dietrich, 1930 Jean Harlow, 1930s Jean Harlow, 1930s Bonnie And Clyde During Their 21 Month Ginger Rogers, Ca. 1930s Barbara Stanwyck By Hurrell, 1940 Fashion Model Underwater In Dolphin Carole Lombard, Ca. 1935 Barbara Stanwyck, Paramount Pictures Holiday, Katharine Hepburn, 1938


Supernatural TVGC007 H5142 Creature From The Black Lagoon Barbarella, Jane Fonda On Uk Poster Metropolis, 1927 Poster For 1984 Supernatural TVGC007 H5139 Supernatural TVGC007 H5141 Supernatural TVGC007 H5143 Forbidden Planet, Robby The Robot TV Guide TVGC005 H5416 TV Guide TVGC005 H5401


Dorothy Dandridge, Circa 1959 The Pride And The Passion, Sophia Dorothy Dandridge, Ca. 1950s Dorothy Dandridge, Ca. 1950s Jean Simmons Gene Tierney, 1940s Ava Gardner Jayne Mansfield, C. 1957 Marilyn Monore, Ca. Mid 1950s Jennifer Jones, Portrait

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